'Punisher: War Zone' Posters From That Awesome Punisher-Themed Party You Weren't Invited To

June 26, 2008


Tuesday night, Punisher: War Zone producer Gale Anne Hurd hosted a party for star Ray Stevenson, a celebration to reminds him that, no matter what he may do in the future, he will forever be associated with what is most likely a very bad movie. To help permanently infuse this truism into Stevenson's consciousness, posters of him in a goofy Punisher get-up were plastered around the event. Someone took pictures, and one more is below the cut (via Coming Soon).

As a side note, I forgot that Wayne Knight is in this. If he somehow has a scene in which he recreates the "We've got Dodgson here!" scene from Jurassic Park, replacing "Dodgson" with "Punisher," I will take back everything bad I've said.


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