Sarah Jessica Parker to Play Uppity Manhattanite

June 26, 2008


Sarah Jessica Parker is being typecast! No, not as a horse (ha! because she has an equine-esque head!), but as a gravely familiar, single, fashionable female living in Manhattan's Upper East Side for The Ivy Chronicles. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The actress is in talks with Warner Bros. to star in "The Ivy Chronicles," a story of class and the single woman in contemporary New York. It centers on Ivy Ames, an Upper East Side woman who, after losing her high-powered job and getting divorced, starts over again in a less ritzy downtown apartment. After pulling her children from private school, Ames starts a business to help upper-middle-class women get their children into elite kindergartens.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone; SJP has a history of following up her famous roles with eerily similar subsequent roles. Let's remember!

1984-: Sarah Jessica Parker takes a role in Footloose alongside Kevin Bacon, only to later take numerous other roles in films that, through referencing other films with shared actors, can also be connected to Kevin Bacon.

1986: Following up on the part of army brat Janey in 1985's Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Parker spends the entirety of the following year having fun.

1987: Having played a friendly intern in Disney's family science fiction film about a boy abducted by an alien spaceship who returns to find that eight years have passed on Earth, Parker next takes a role in a TV movie as an isolated woman opening herself up to find love. Coincidence? I think not.

1989: Parker follows up the role of an awkward teenager on Square Pegs with another geeky high school role, playing the role of Steve Urkel for nine seasons of Family Matters.

1997: After marrying later-Inspector Gadget star Matthew Broderick, Parker becomes a polygamist, predictively marrying Inspector Gadget 2's French Stewart and the voice of Don Adams.

See? It only makes sense.

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