Shyamalan: "'The Happening' is Totally Meant to be Kind of Bad. Did I Not Mention That?'

June 12, 2008


In the wake of early, largely-disparaging reviews for The Happening, director M. Night Shyamalan has added a last-minute twist to his latest film: it turns out it's not, like, a serious film or anything. Just a fun B-movie, y'know? So lighten up. From Reuters:

"I wanted it to be a fantastic, fun B-movie," Shyamalan told Reuters in a recent interview about the eighth film he has written and directed. "The No. 1 thing is I want people to say: 'That was a really fun B-movie.'"

Clever, M. Night, sheltering yet another disappointing film under the tissue-thin canopy of this "fun B-movie" umbrella. If this works, you should retroactively claim that the one thing you wanted people to say about Lady in the Water is: "That was a really vapid, self-indulgent mess." Or that the main intention of The Village was to leave people saying: "F*** me--they're in modern times? Seriously? That's it? Let's go home and be drunk." Then title your next movie: Further Evidence I'm Coasting Off a Couple Early Hits. Critics will have to call that a success, right?

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