'The Mummy 3' Trailer, Sponsored by Papa Johns

June 23, 2008


If you've been to the Papa John's Pizza website in the last few days (I don't know how you wouldn't have been, but I'll indulge the faint possibility), you'll have noticed that the page has been updated with the trailer for The Mummy 3: All Wrapped Up in China. It's a perfect fit: Brendan Fraser and mummies in general are known for their insatiable love of pizza--coining such phrases as, "Cowabunga, it's pizza time!" and "I really love Papa John's pizza!"--making them obvious spokesmen for the company.

Anyway, the trailer is here. It contains many stupid things, most of them in the form of Xena-level CGI and forced jokes from the mouth of Brendan Fraser. I found myself mostly annoyed at the poor military leadership of the Dragon Emperor, having his undead legions fire arrows at the rival army of skeletons. Arrows against skeletons?! Good luck with that.

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