Will You Survive the 'Dolemite EXPLOSION' (Trailer)?

June 2, 2008


Things to take away from this trailer to the Dolemite and Human Tornado sequel, Dolemite Explosion:

- Dolemite is his name.

- F***in' up motherf***ers remains his game of choice.

- Dolemite! Get Dolemite! (Essentially, someone should get Dolemite.)

- Dolemite is (rightfully) sick and tired of you motherf***in' playa' hata's.

- Dolemite is back from Motherland Africa, where he learned Star Wars Emperor-like powers of shooting electricity from his hands. Yup.

- Bishop Don "Magic" Juan: present.

- Something about surviving the explosion? A tip to survival maybe? Someone help me out with this one, because I'd really like to survive the forthcoming Dolemite explosion.

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