3D Tyrannosaurus Rex Concept Art!!!

July 11, 2008


OK, it's not a 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex. But when Brad sent over the link, I thought that's what the email said, and I was pathetically excited. "Someone improved the design of a Tyrannosaurus!? What could they have done? Dear god, more mouths!? In 3D!?" As it turns out, it's just the 3rd piece of concept art from Rob Zombie's Tyrannosaurus Rex movie, which is not nearly as exciting.

This is the second piece of concept art to imply there will be giant, fire-based dinosaurs in the film's background. This needs to actually happen. Here's a way to implement it:

"We've got you now, Rex."

"I don't think so--I brought back up."

"You wha--oh shit! Tyrannosaurus Rexes made of pure flame are coming! From the background!"

Third Piece of art from Rob Zombie's Tyrannosaurus Rex [Shock Till You Drop]

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