Angelina Jolie Might Own Catwoman Part (Says Irrelevant Drag Queen Idol)

July 31, 2008


Angelina Jolie is reportedly looking to somehow replace Halle Berry's indelible depiction of Catwoman, and has made calls to film executives about playing the Batman villain. A respectable periodical like the Telegraph wouldn't run a sensational story like this without checking some facts, so they went straight the source to clear things up. No, not Angelina Jolie or Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. Julie Newmar--one of three women who played Catwoman in the '60s:

Ms Newmar, 74, said: "Angelina would own the part. My industry friends tell me she has already made enquiries about the role. I can understand how it would pique her interest. Catwoman is Batman's one true love."

She added: "She's tremendously popular with women because she's both a heroine and a villainess."

So there you have it. Angelina Jolie will be playing Catwoman, who is popular with women for two reasons.

(Thanks, Joshua.)

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