Another New 'Dark Knight' Trailer Creates Pizza-tainment

July 1, 2008


Well, it's 2008, and I worry it's beginning to look like we may never find a way to embed data in the seasonings of a pizza crust, allowing for a DVD you can watch and later enjoy as a personal snack (PVDs). But all hope is not lost! Pizza and entertainment have found different way to merge into one cheesy, obesity-inducing form: pizza franchise-exclusive trailers! You may remember Papa John's recently worked out a trailer deal with The Mummy 3, forever connecting Brendan Fraser's Boy Meets World hair and pepperoni; now Domino's has a similar promotion with The Dark Knight, and there's a new resulting trailer with some new footage. It's pretty good if you ignore that Joker's voice-over is pieced together like it's from a hastily-edited reality show.

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