'Beverly Hills Cop IV' Will Be Hard R, Obviously Much Better Than 'Beverly Hills Cop III'

July 2, 2008


Earlier this month, some concern was raised about Bret Ratner's plans to make Beverly Hills Cop IV. Strangely, these concerns had nothing to do with stretching the franchise into a fourth unnecessary film, or that Mr. Rush Hour himself would be the one doing the stretching. They were instead related to a statement made by Ratner that some thought implied the film would be going for a PG rating. How was Axel Foley going to say "fuck," or arbitrarily pull his penis out?

Now Ratner has come forward to address the rumors, explaining to Latino Review that apparently everything on the internet is not factual:

"Dont believe everything you read on the internet. Believe me, this is going to be a hard core 'R' Beverly Hills Cop. I start shooting next year"

Norbit also spoke up, telling MTV why he has committing to the fourth film:

"Because the third 'Beverly Hills Cop' was horrible!" the once and future Detective Axel Foley laughed. "I didn't want to leave it like that. The first two were cool and the third one was sh---y. [Let's] get the franchise fixed again, clean up this old mess and do a good movie.

Ohhhhhh! Because the third one was bad, you want to make a fourth. That plan will definitely work, because fourth films in a series are always the redeeming ones. I can remember, after hating Superman III, being so glad that Superman IV: The Quest for Peace reclaimed the quality of the series with the clumsy Cold War overtones and the introduction of an evil, solar-powered clone. And when Batman and Robin came out, how I was like, "After the mess that was Batman Forever, Batman and Robin has really picked it up, filling in all the holes of the third film with nipple armor, the girl from Clueless, and Arnold Schwartzenegger 'freeze' puns." And I don't think I even need to explain how the fourth Indiana Jones movie completely washed my mouth of the foul taste of that terrible Holy Grail whatever one that I can't even look at because it's so much worse than the new one.

What I'm saying is, Eddie Murphy's logic is impeccable and the fourth Beverly Hills Cop will definitely be much better than the third.

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