'Crank 2' Will Have Giant Foam Statham Caricature

July 23, 2008


The LA Times has posted a series of on-set shots from Crank: High Voltage. From the looks of it, part of the film involves a massive caricature of Jason Statham's head. That's the only way to really "crank" things up enough to call them "high voltage," really--by including caricatures. That's why whenever I'm going to Times Square I'll just say, "I'm Hittin' up High Voltage," and whoever is around me will nod and say, "He must mean Time Square, with its many caricature artists, because only caricatures can 'crank' up a location enough to call it 'High Voltage.'"

UPDATE: A friend just pointed out the disturbing similarity between this and that horrifying Genesis music video.

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