God Bless America, and Toby Keith

July 3, 2008


As mentioned before, Toby Keith's vigilante song-based vehicle Beer For My Horses, starring Toby, Willie Nelson, and unofficial Michigan governor Ted Nugent, recently found distribution. So now there's a truck-filled teaser trailer that doesn't even use the song that birthed it (too obvious).

I don't know if there's a gestural equivalent to a catchphrase, but I'm fairly certain that's what Tobes is trying to create here with all the elbowing in the face. Within a few months, in small town bars across America, the tradition of getting drunk and punching someone will be overwhelmingly replaced with elbowing followed by uproarious laughter as bar patrons recognize the classic "Keith Elbow."

Celebrate the Fourth by immersing yourself in this 30 seconds of truck American culture at its finest. I'll be back Monday.

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