Keanu Reeves Will Definitely Be Playing Plastic Man, Which is Not an Unsubstaniated Rumor

July 15, 2008


Hmm. It's a pretty slow news day, and I have to leave shortly to catch a screening of the movie where animated flies save the first moon mission (I'm more excited than you'd think). I need a good crazy rumor to go out on. Maybe some kind of casting for a superhero film that hasn't even been talked about--people love debating the quality of superhero casting. But what? Luke and Owen Wilson cast in a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold movie? Eddie Murphy and smaller Eddie Murphy from Meet Dave cast as Hawkman and the Atom? This guy cast in a Juggernaut film?

Wait, there's an actual rumor that Keanu Reeves will play Plastic Man in an adaptation by the Wachowskis? Let's go with that then. From CHUD:

A reader by the name of Ballack writes in from Berlin (one of my favorite cities in the world!) saying that Joel Silver was on German radio recently talking about Ninja Assassin, the James McTeigue-directed, Wachowski-produced martial arts movie. Ballack claims that Silver also spilled the beans on what the Wachowskis would be directing to follow-up Speed Racer* - Plastic Man.

You'll remember that a pre-Matrix Bros W wrote a Plastic Man script, which Ballack claims Silver said would be the basis for this new film. Our scooper also reports that Silver said they want the movie to have a global release at the end of 2009.

And if that's not a big enough story, Ballack further claims that Silver says that Keanu Reeves will be playing Eels O'Brien (the real name of Plastic Man).

Foreign, completely unverifiable source; based around facts that give it some slight connection to reality; will severely piss off fans of Plastic Man---this rumor is so much better than any of mine. And, obviously, completely true.

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