'Max Payne' Trailer Might Be Best Action Movie Trailer Based on a Video Game Inspired by Action Movies Yet

July 10, 2008


In an age where many video games are clearly paying homage to the action films that inspired their carnage, I imagine it would be pretty hard to find a way to adapt them into something inspired. The Mark Wahlberg-starring adaptation of Matrixy, John Woo-ish gangster game Max Payne doesn't appear to succeed on that count either, but I will say it at least looks like a generic amalgam of scenes from other, better action movies instead of the usual horrible video game adaptation standard: looking like a horrible video game adaptation. So kudos for that, and further kudos for adding those angel vultures that neither I, in the limited time I spent watching someone else play, or anyone on Kotaku seem to remember from the game. They could have just gone the faithful if boring route, but no, they decided to add some Lord of the Rings wraith-esque elements that will keep Max Payne fan forums buzzing with furious WTFs for weeks. My only real issue is that I find it so hard to believe Mark Wahlberg as a cop after he so thoroughly convinced me he was a science teacher in The Happening.

Thanks to everyone who sent this over.

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