New, Nonsensical Quote-Free Shots from 'Ghost Town'

July 8, 2008


After the worrisome poster that ended up being a fake, it's nice to see something from Ghost Town that doesn't include a giant, seemingly insane quote. "This is the best script I've read in years" actually makes sense as a quote, and I'll consider it an encouraging endorsement despite the hammy photo at the top. Summary!

In Ghost Town, Ricky plays misanthropic Bertram Pincus, who dies temporarily whilst under the knife.

His thump with mortality yields a phantasmic if not fantastic consequence; Pincus gains the ability to perceive the ghostly remains of the deceased. He is not happy about this as they are apt to bother him. One in particular needs Pincus's to help break up the impending nuptials of his widow and her replacement squeeze.

Plus, if you look in the largest shot, you can see how they've found an impish, bizzaro version of longtime Gervais collaborator Stephen Merchant to stand beside the bed. How could this go wrong? (Many things could go wrong.)

New Images from GHOST TOWN [IESB]

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