'Outlander' Trailer: Classic Battle of Vikings Vs. Alien Beast Finally Visualized

July 11, 2008


Attention to all my friends: you know all those long, stupid conversations we have where we ask each other pointless questions and debate them ad nauseam--like if X-Men's Beast could take Donkey Kong in a fight, or how many toddlers Mike Tyson could take out (in a hypothetical environment of infinite toddlers) before succumbing to fatigue and ultimately being overtaken? Well, someone has been bugging those conversations, and they're now releasing one of them as a movie that you'd think would be a Sci Fi Channel original but isn't. It's the scenario where we were like, "OK, how about like a full viking army versus this really awesome space dragon? BUT, the vikings have Ron Pearlman and a futuristic humanoid who once played Jesus on their side."

Thanks to Hal for the link.

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