'Quarantine' Trailer: It's Like That Blair Witch One, or That Clover One, but with Zombies

July 9, 2008


There's a new trailer for Quarantine, a shot-for-shot remake of [REC] and the latest entry in the insane-event-captured-on-handheld-video genre that introduces a zombie virus into the equation. Does it have fearful weeping delivered directly into the camera? Yes, it does. Seemingly scary things happening that the cameraman barely catches a glimpse of? Yes. Someone insisting the cameraman keeps taping? Yes again. The assurance that many will leave the theater complaining about feeling motion sick? Yes! All those clichés and more!

Spoiler! I hear [REC] was good, but seriously, the "zombie virus" thing ends up being bite-transmitted demon possession? That seems incredibly stupid.

(HD version.)

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