'Sex Drive' Trailer Somehow Time Traveled Here

July 30, 2008


Well, it's 2008--only makes sense for another movie about how zany the world of online dating can be! This is just what me and all my friends have been begging for ever since You've Got Mail acknowledged that the internet existed, and could be used as a transitory plot device. I particularly like that Sex Drive isn't even updated to include social networking references, or anything beyond "chat." No reason to hide that this script was pulled out of the last decade's dumpster. Why not even throw a Dave Matthews Band poster in the background, really rub in that absolutely no effort has been put into bringing this out of the '90s. Oh, good, you did. Also, make sure you make the sidekick kid seem like he's playing a child Charles Nelson Reilly. That won't be at all weird.

(Thanks, Kyle!)

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