This is Not the 'Tron 2' Title. It Can't Be. Seriously?

July 25, 2008


Yesterday, a surprise clip shown at Comic Con gave attendees their first glimpse at Disney's sequel to Tron. Besides revealing that Jeff Bridges was willing to reduce himself to reprising his role, the most insanely stupid title ever was unveiled.

Can you guess which of these ridiculous options it is? (Hint: it's far more ludicrous than the Fast and Furious title, including all the fakes ones I made up.)

- Tron 2.0
- Trn
- 2ron
- Tr2n
- 2222 2 (Tron 2)
- YouTron
- Tron's MySpace Account
- 2 Tron 2 Tronious
- inTRONet
- Tron. You know, Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner... Tron! Ask your dad or something.

It's Tr2n! TR2N! How is this acceptable? A "2" is not an "O". In no way is a "2" an "O". The reason zero is able to be represented by a circle, similar to an "O", is that there is no way of confusing it with another number, such as a two, because they look nothing alike. Are they serious about this? I really think they should consider inTRONet.

‘Tron’ Sequel Teaser Revealed, Jeff Bridges Returns For ‘Tr2n’ [MTV]

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