Tyrese Gibson a Thundercat? That Calls for a Tribute Video

July 29, 2008


Tyrese Gibson has revealed that he's in talks to join ThunderCats, a CGI movie based on your lunchbox from 1987. From ComingSoon:

Tyrese said that he's been very involved in the attempt to bring the classic '80s cartoon series to the big screen and seemed to hint that a deal is very nearly complete. We asked him what character he'd be playing and he just smiled and said that there's a number of options on the table.

It's not racist to say he'll probably be playing Panthro, right? Because he'd definitely be Panthro, the ThunderCat who would be black if he didn't have blue skin instead.

And for all you real Thundercats fans: below the cut, see a Panthro tribute video I made that uses music, fan art, and heart transitions to explores his relationship with a female cat-human hybrid.

(Note: I did not actually make this, because I am not crazy.)
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