Will Ferrell Playing 'Two-Face'! But Racist Instead of Disfigured!

July 17, 2008


Just the other day I sitting around with some friends, laughing about how lazy, savage, etc. minorities are--and, of course, discussing how awesome Dark Knight will be--when I suddenly realized, "Guys, why aren't there any movies about us, racists, that also make an exploitative reference to the current Batman craze?" As usual, Hollywood was one step ahead of me:

After years of toying with the project, Will Ferrell is getting serious about "Two Face," a Vince Gilligan-scripted drama-comedy for Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Ferrell is attached to play the title character, a racist who, after a prank gone awry, develops a split personality.

Gee, I hope the split personality doesn't make him think he's other races, leading at first to many comic misunderstandings and racial caricatures but ultimately to character reform, because, man, that would be a really awful, predictable movie. Also, I hope the racist "prank" isn't lynching, because that's not really a prank, and I don't think we should start thinking of it as such.

Ferrell finds 'Face' Time [Variety]

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