'Coraline' Featurette Further Appeases My Nerdiness

August 12, 2008


Any movie directed by stop-motion animation master Henry Selick, based on a story by Neil Gaiman story, and with music by They Might Be Giants is going to really appeal to a certain type of geek. Namely, the type who used to read Sandman, listen to Flood on a regular basis, and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas at least every Halloween. I already knew Coraline had all of these things going for it, but man, no one told me John Hodgman was doing a voice in this thing, too. It's like angsty 9th-grade me's tastes shaking hands with current, listening-to-The Areas of My Expertise-audiobook-on-the-train me. They probably shouldn't literally shake hands, because I know what 9th grade me was doing with his hand nearly to the point of it becoming a problem, but you get the idea.

Coraline featurette under the cut.

You totally knew Hodgman would be a big Gaiman/Selick fan.

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