'Drakmar: A Vassal's Journey' Just Blew My Mind's HP

August 27, 2008


It's looking like a pretty slow news day, so let me pass on something I just found (via Pop Candy) that's been out on DVD since January but is amazing. Drakmar: A Vassal's Journey is an incredibly low-budget documentary following 14-year-old Colin Taylor, a teen who deals with bullying and and a broken home by retreating to the world of medieval fantasy (putting him in sort of a feedback loop, since it turns out dramatic medieval role-playing will often encourage more bullying).

You need to watch this clip in which he describes his ideal woman. Sorry, ladies, but liking obscure mythical creatures is not going win you any points with this guy:

Holy cats, right? And here's the trailer:

This could be the new Spellbound, in that you'll be openly laughing at a real kid but are so emotionally involved that you feel bad about it.

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