'French Women Don't Get Fat' and 'Freaky Friday 2': Two Movies I'll Never See

August 13, 2008


Hilary Swank's production company has acquired the rights to adapt the book "French Women Don't Get Fat" into a feature film, which should be good news for anyone who would ever be retarded enough to complain that French women don't get fat. From Variety:

Hilary Swank and producing partner Molly Smith have acquired the rights to adapt the bestselling book "French Women Don’t Get Fat" for the duo to produce through their Alcon Entertainment-based 2S Films.

Swank may star in the adaptation that’s being envisioned as a romantic comedy about the manager of a champagne company who learns some tough life lessons.

Heather Hach, who penned the remake of "Freaky Friday" and the "Legally Blonde" musical, will adapt the book.

First published in 2004, non-fiction tome became a bestseller for writer and former Champagne Veuve Clicquot topper Mireille Guiliano, offering insights on how French women manage to stay slim despite enjoying such calorie-rich fare as wine and pastries.

But here's the news from this story that really got me:

Hach is also working on a sequel to "Freaky Friday."

What? A sequel to Freaky Friday? A mom and teenager switched bodies because of an enchanted fortune cookie. Where do you go from there? They switch again? If my mind weren't so shaken from all the Kirk Cameron, I'd probably try to come with some other possibilities, but since it is, here's the trailer to KC's 1987 parent/child brain-swap movie, Like Father, Like Son. There's a theme today.

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