'G.I. Joe Resolute' Comic Convention Trailer Renews Faith in Dragging Out Old Cartoon Memories

August 8, 2008


With adaptations of a real-life G.I. Joe, Thundercats and another Transformers in the works, it's pretty obvious studios are aggressively preying on my generation's man-child psyche and our fading memories of weekday afternoon television programming. But surprisingly, this trailer for a new animated G.I. Joe is a welcome change of pace. I mean, it's still pandering to my base desire to return to an earlier, easier time in my life, when the hours between 3 and 5 were a fantasy escape instead of just more endless, crippling reality, but at least it's also pandering to my desire for non-stop gunfire and stabbing guys with ninja swords. Plus, it's written by Warren Ellis, so it might even prove entertaining beyond the parts where I keep shouting "dude!" at the screen.

(via TR)

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