'Hawaii Five-O' 2.0? That's Seriously How They're Describing It

August 12, 2008


Here's something else we don't need: an updated version of Hawaii Five-O. The bad news starts with the executive producer describing it as "Hawaii Five-O 2.0" (so cool!) and it only goes downhill from there. From the Hollywood Reporter (particularly stupid parts marked in bold):

CBS is saying aloha to a new installment of the "Hawaii Five-O" franchise from "Criminal Minds" exec producer/showrunner Ed Bernero. Bernero is writing the project, which he describes as "'Hawaii Five-O' 2.0."

Like the original series, it is a procedural chronicling the workings of the fictional Hawaiian state police department. In the original, the unit was headed by Steve McGarrett, played by Jack Lord. In the new series, McGarrett's son Chris will be the top cop.

The famous opening music will be back but may also get a face-lift, much in the vein of the theme from the 1966-73 series "Mission: Impossible," which was rearranged for the 1990s movie franchise.

As for the staple "Book 'em, Danno" closing line, there will be a version of it in the new installment, Bernero said.

Boy, I can't wait to hear the new "Book 'em, Danno." I hope they really run with this whole "2.0" theme relate it all back to the Web 2.0 thing. Maybe go with "Un-friend him, Danno"? "Digg him down, Danno"? "Book 'em, Danno, then tweet the booking so that all my online friends can know about it right away, because, god, Twitter is so hot right now"? CBS is so in-touch.

But if you're worried that this update isn't being handled by the right person, don't be. This guy loves Hawaii Five-O as much as I love "vibrate":

Bernero is such a big "Hawaii Five-O" fan that he has the iconic theme song from the show as his ringtone.

Wow. Let's just hope that when this new, awesomized theme song comes out, Bernero updates his phone with the modern version. For anthropological reasons, I mean, since after a couple months, that will probably be the only remaining evidence the show ever existed.

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