Help Me Decide if This 'Role Models' Trailer is Good or Not

August 6, 2008


OK, a high concept comedy where a couple semi-detestable guys reform themselves when they're forced to volunteer at a Big Brothers program should be awful, right? That's what I thought too, but here's the rub: it's written by, directed by, and starring various The State/Wet Hot American Summer guys, so it should be pretty decent, right? But it also stars Stiffler, who I'm at best ambivalent towards, and has a joke about how crazy the cup size names are at Starbucks. But then again, the Reindeer Games joke is pretty good, as is Paul Rudd. But man, this overly-precocious kid is going to get old real quick (both in the movie and real life, when he'll probably turn to drugs). So I don't know what to think. Anyone?

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