How Loosely is 'Disaster Movie' Themed Around the Idea of Disaster Movies?

August 28, 2008


Loosely enough that, in Brazil, Superheroes: The Injustice League is equally if not more applicable as a title. Isn't that infuriating? Why not just go with the even more fitting title of Recently Popular People and Things?

Also noteworthy: Amy Winehouse is far less prominent in this poster than the American version. What's the deal, Brazil? Are you too good to endlessly follow the drug-addled lifestyle of a British starlet whose tale can only end in her self-inflicted demise? Are you not familiar with this gaunt, decaying friend of the American people, and how funny it would be if she, for whatever reason, had fangs and was holding the corpse of an infant? You guys have no idea what you're missing.

Brazilian Disaster Movie Poster [IMPA]

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