Kim Kardashian Wrestles Carmen Electra for Tragically Unfunny Arousal

August 18, 2008


Sex sells, so it's no surprise that, like Superhero Movie before it, Disaster Movie attempts to bring in viewers unaware of ways of procuring actual pornography (i.e., the internet) by promising a brief, cleavage-filled wrestling match. But what makes this clip astounding is how writer-director duo Friedberg and Seltzer are somehow able to make a cleavage-filled wrestling match so intensely frustrating. The secret? Beginning the catfight with a Wanted quote to give the illusion that humor and/or parody are involved (they aren't).

The press release promised a "hilarious new clip from DISASTER MOVIE with a sexy shout out from Carmen Electra." Was briefly referencing Twister the hilarious part? And was the aging sex symbol's half-hearted shilling really the sexy part? I have the feeling whoever writes these descriptions has given up even more than I have.

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