'Nights in Rodanthe' is the 'Citizen Kane' of Menoporn

August 21, 2008


Here's one for the ladies (over 40, who are lonely), or for anyone who likes laughing at menopause porn highlight reels composed entirely of melodrama moneyshots. "I made that to keep special things safe." "What keeps you safe?" God, Diane Lane, just let Richard Gere take care of you! You're special too! Why can't intentional comedy be this funny?

The only thing that could make this more perfect is if the black friend is revealed to be the ghost of a patient Richard Gere killed in surgery, but since every other predictable plot point is divulged in this four minute trailer, I have to assume she's corporeal.

I think I've got the tagline: "The only heart this surgeon can't save... is his own. And, no, this isn't a sequel to Dr. T and the Women."

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