Silver Spoons is Directing a Sci Fi Movie, and It's a Slow News Friday Before a Holiday

August 29, 2008


Rick(y) Shroder is signed to direct the Sci Fi Channel Original Movie Hellhounds. Wait, that isn't real news. That's a Sci Fi Channel Original Movie directed by Silver Spoons, which makes it anti-news. Whups, sorry:

The movie, set in 500 B.C., stars Scott Elrod ("Men in Trees") as Kleitos, a Greek warrior who with his companions fights against the hellhounds of Hades to rescue his bride from the Underworld and bring her back to life. The telefilm, written by Paul A. Birkett, is said to be full of CGI and special effects.

Good to go heavy on the CGI and special effects. That's what Sci Fi Channel Original Movies are known for doing best. That and keeping John Rhys-Davies from respectability. At least Shroder is excited though:

"Twenty years ago, the Halmis and I collaborated on 'Lonesome Dove,' and I am honored that our relationship has developed to the point where they trust me to direct 'Hellhounds,' " Schroder said.

Who wouldn't be honored, Ricky? Being entrusted with Hellhounds is like Sci Fi letting you hold their baby. Their mutant, computer-animated, disgusting baby that no one would ever want.

Ricky Schroder releases the 'Hellhounds' [THR]

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