'Sukiyaki Western Django' Trailer is Kind of Awesome, Except for All the Tarantino Parts

August 1, 2008


What I like about Asian cinema is how often it doesn't feel the need to explain any of the ridiculous stunts being pulled off. When Keanu Reeves dodges a bullet in slow-motion, we dedicate the entire movie to expound on how his neck is plugged into an alien-run computer program thing and that he ate a pill and trained with Lawrence Fishburne and whatever, just so we can see some decent stunts. Don't need it. When this guy in Takashi Miike's Sikiyaki Western Django slices through a bullet in mid-air, the explanation is so much simpler: because this guy is really awesome. That's the way it should be. Though I wouldn't mind some explanation of why Quentin Taratino is playing multiple roles, and why one of those roles is in an elderly fat suit.

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