'The Informers' Trailer Informs Me It Probably Isn't as Good as 'American Psycho'

August 6, 2008


Here's the trailer to The Informers, based on the Brett Easton Ellis book and starring Billy Bob Thornton, Mickey Rourke, Winona Ryder, and Chris Isaak inducing a faint yodel of "Wicked Games" every time he comes on screen. It's also Brad Renfro's last role, so I'll pretend this looks like a more entertaining satire than it is. I'll just assume that both Renfro and Ledger will be nominated for posthumous Oscars this year, and when the winner is announced, a statue will be unveiled bearing both of their names, and it's actually two statues holding hands in the air, and they're angels. The auditorium erupts in tearful applause, and the actual angels of both actors descend beside shocked presenter Tilda Swinton. Renfro begins his acceptance speech with, "Where the fuck was my memorial reel last year, huh, guys?" and it gets kind of awkward for a few seconds, but luckily the music kicks in to cover the awkward silence.

Thanks for the tip, Daniel.

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