This 'Mall Cop' Video is Going to Go So Viral You'll Need a Once-Daily Pill to Fight It

August 11, 2008


You guys have got to see this crazy video where this dude skateboards in a mall and spraypaints the outside wall. Crazy already, right? That's just the beginning! This stodgy old security guard on a Segway--who looks suspiciously like the King of Queens with a fake mustache--tries to stop him, but this skater guy is all like, "I don't think so, K.O.Q." and starts spraypainting the security guard! And doing awkward, repetitive improv with him! If there is ever a movie called Paul Blart: Mall Cop based on this completely unplanned event that I want to show all of my internet friends, I am totally going to see it. Then kill myself.

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