'Tropic Thunder' is Still a Popular Film

August 25, 2008


Because you love it, the weekend box office results:

1. Tropic Thunder - Is there a Hi-C flavor based on this yet? Because Tropic Thunder Punch is at least as sound an idea as the Ghostbusters-based Ecto Cooler. ($16.1 million)

2. The House Bunny - Audiences made it clear which side they support in the battle between wretched comedy and cars with spikes and flames and shit. On the wretched comedy side. ($15.1 million)

3. Death Race - But there was a large, paying minority that said, "No, but seriously, cars with spikes and flames and shit." ($12.3 million)

4. The Dark Knight - Someone had to bring Batman down eventually, but Death Race and House Bunny? That's like letting a lame villain introduced in 1993 be the one to break Batman's back. ($10.3 million)

5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Force is strong with this one. Because people have to be forced to see it! A'BOOSH! (Still, enough people saw it for it to make $5.7 million.)

Weekend Box Office [Box Office Mojo]

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