Anna Faris Won't Pretend To Be Famous Deepthroater

September 19, 2008


In movies about women famous for oral sex abilities news, Anna Faris told Moviehole she has dropped out of a biopic on Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace because she'd rather concentrate on making more awful comedies:

Faris says she's going to "stick to comedies" - like her latest venture, "The House Bunny" - for the meantime, noting that the Lovelace role would be a bit too heavy at this stage in her career.

Look, Anna Faris, I don't care if you do a Linda Lovelace biopic, but please, do anything but something comparable to The House Bunny. Do you have some kind of detestable-comedy Stockholm Syndrome from your time as a hostage in the Scary Movie franchise? Stop defending them, Anna. Find yourself a nice dramedy and settle down. You're at least marginally better than this.

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