'Bangkok Dangerous' Must Be A Really Good Movie To Make So Much Money

September 8, 2008


1. Bangkok Dangerous - Only $7.8 million? There's no way this thing is even going to make back its hairpiece budget.

2. Tropic Thunder - Thunder rolls--around in piles of money! Yes, thats what I said. ($7.5 million)

3. The House Bunny - Still empowering women with the message that you can be beautiful and smart and make blowjob jokes, earning another $5.9 million. (I don't remember if that was actually the message.)

4. The Dark Knight - It's looking like there's a chance this could beat Titanic. But only in terms of domestic profits. Never in terms of two people loving each other harder than anyone else in history. ($5.7 million)

5. Traitor - Traitor!? What the hell is Traitor!? Oh, right, it's that Don Cheadle thing, like it was last week. ($4.7 million)

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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