Coen Brothers Beat Women, Tyler Perry

September 15, 2008


On a weekend with four new wide releases, audiences saw each of them to varying degrees.

1. Burn After Reading - $19.4 million, the kind of mediocre results you'd expect from a country that hates reading but loves burning things.

2. Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys - A Tyler Perry-possessive $18 million.

3. Righteous Kill - $16.5 million, shaming all those people who said De Niro and Pacino couldn't fill up half to three-quarters of a theater anymore.

4. The Women - I knew this would be pretty big when I went to the theater and saw all those people in line dressed as women. ($10.1 million)

5. The House Bunny - How is this the only non-new release left in the top five? No one wants to see Bangkok Dangerous twice? ($4.3 million)

Weekend Box Office [Box Office Mojo]

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