'Changeling' Trailer Does Not Contain Awesome CGI Morphing

September 12, 2008


When the LAPD returns Angelina Jolie-character's lost son to her, she thinks it's a dream come true. That is, until she realizes, "Wait a minute, LAPD, this isn't my kid! This is a trained dolphin you've put in a special land suit and boy costume!" But, of course, the corrupt LAPD is like, "No, that is definitely your son, and even if it were a dolphin in a special land suit, dolphins are very intelligent creatures, and you should be marveling that we've found a way to make it walk on land as if it's a boy." This argument goes back and forth for the length of a movie, and that's the movie, Changeling.

Sounds good, right? Except that they took out the dolphin part. It's just a lady whining about having the wrong human son. Isn't that a let down? Even though Clint Eastwood directed this, so it will probably be decent and up for some awards, it's always going to have that "why isn't there a dolphin in a land suit?" cloud looming over its accolades. Here's the trailer:

This might give Ransom a run for its money for the title of "best movie where someone shouts GIVE ME BACK MY SON!!!"

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