De Niro Leaves 'Edge of Darkness', Presumably Now in Darkness

September 8, 2008


Here's a tip: if you're ever directing a Robert De Niro movie, do not try to get this really awesome shot where you capture De Niro, the Boston skyline, and a golf bunker all in the frame at once. I know you're thinking, "But that's an amazing shot, symbolic of how the weight of city life can pull a man down and get him stuck, like in a sand trap," but Robert De Niro hates that shot, and he will leave the production if you try to get this amazing shot. Or at least that's what I got out of this story:

Just days after he arrived in Massachusetts to begin filming scenes for Edge of Darkness, Robert De Niro has quit the film. "Sometimes things don't work out; it's called creative differences," a spokesman for the actor told Daily Variety. Earlier this week the Boston Herald reported that De Niro had been spotted filming scenes at the 15th hole of the Gannon Golf Club while director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) attempted to set up a shot that would show the actor, a sand trap and the Boston skyline in the shot.

This would have been the first team-up between Mel Gibson and Robert De Niro, your favorite actor and your favorite drunk anti-semite who was in Lethal Weapon. I guess some things are just too beautiful to live.

De Niro Leaves Sand Trap and Quits Movie [Studio Briefing]

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