'Disaster Movie' Unsuccessful, 'Tropic Thunder' Still Successful

September 2, 2008


Here's your weekend box office report. Congratulations, society, for not seeing Disaster Movie that much.

1. Tropic Thunder - With Ben Stiller's comedy topping the box office for the third week in a row, I'm almost starting to think of the guy as more than just The Heartbreak Kid. Almost. ($11.5 million)

2. Babylon A.D. - $9.6 million--that's almost $2.5 million for each percentage point its earned on Rotten Tomatoes.

3. The Dark Knight - $8.6 million, bringing the domestic total to over $500 million. The Warner Brothers finally have enough money to invest in themed crime-fighting gadgets to avenge their murdered parents.

4. The House Bunny - Fine, keep seeing this movie, but please, don't buy an actual bunny for the home. They're horrible pets. ($8.3 million.)

5. Traitor - What the hell is Traitor? Oh, right, that Don Cheadle thing. That made $7.8 million.

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