Don't Buy 'Guitar Hero', So That Brett Ratner Can Make a Movie About It

September 9, 2008


At the VMAs this weekend, Defamer spoke to an uncomfortably greasy Brett Ratner about his idea for a Guitar Hero movie. He had this to say about the likelihood of it getting made:

As long as it's really successful, they'll never let me do it. But I think if it starts going down and nobody starts buying Guitar Heroes, maybe, to revitalize it, they'll let me make the movie.

Good idea, Brett. Make a movie about a Guitar Hero tournament once the game is unpopular. And The Wizard really should have come out a few years after Super Mario Bros. 3, when it was no longer that big of a deal but still not old enough to be nostalgic. That would have been really good.

But really, if anyone could revitalize fading popularity with a movie, it probably would be Brett Ratner. Just look at Rush Hour. Five to six or seven o'clock is such a hot time now.

To Make the 'Guitar Hero' Movie, Brett Ratner Needs You To Stop Buying the Game [Defamer]

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