Everyone is Lovin' IMAX

September 30, 2008


Good news! My Imax logo tattoo is going to remain relevant for at least a couple more summers! After Christopher Nolan found success shooting key sequence of The Dark Knight in Imax, other directors are planning to follow suit. Michael Bay has said at least three Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen scenes are being shot on the larger format, and Jon Favreau and DJ Caruso have expressed interest in using it on Iron Man 2 and Y: The Last Man, respectively. Everything will be huge!

If only this Imax revolution thing would have happened just a little sooner. Could you imagine seeing the white hot romance of Nights in Rodanthe bursting off that massive screen and scorching our seats (and hearts)? It would be like staring into a beautiful Hell as you watched the flames of passion burning in the depths of every one of Richard Gere's valleys of squint. Oh, to dream.

Tentpole directors see Imax in future [Variety]

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