'Green Lantern' Concept Art Explained

September 5, 2008


Illustrator Brian Murray has posted a series of Green Lantern images he made as a pitch package with writer/director Greg Berlanti, which eventually won them the project. Murray didn't include any of the written portion of the pitch, but fortunately for you, I did some digging and found the descriptions that accompanied the drawings. You're welcome.

Above: OK, so it starts off with Green Lantern on this street, but instead of buildings, the street is, like, lined by mountains. But there's still like a gas station and bar--so he can fill up his sweet Green Lantern car and get drunk. Suddenly, his ring starts shooting out green shit, and Green Lantern is all like, "Whoa, shit, I'm Green Lantern!" It's awesome.


Later, Green Lantern in this room full of YouTubes--which is awesome, because YouTube is so hot right now--and he's got this buzzcut because he's a badass. He's watching all these hilarious clips of people doing things when he's sees this babe and he's all, "I am totally gonna fuck this chick," the audience is totally on board with this because she's hot.


Next thing you know, "Green" is transported to a world not unlike the side of someone's airbrushed van, but more like Stevie Nicks-inspired tambourine artwork. It's pretty sweet.


Eventually, there's this huge battle with a giant robot thing, and there are all these other Green Lanterns fighting alongside our Green Lantern. He looks around and he can tell all the female Green Lanterns would have sex with him if they weren't so busy fighting the robot.


As the film closes, Green Lantern is flying towards this wormhole thing, but it's made of, like, metal. He looks in and it's full of all these really hot girls, who are green. He's all like, "Here we go again," as he takes off his Green Lantern ring so that the girls don't think he's married. The end. So how about it, guys?

Well, I can see why that worked. This sounds like a great movie.

'Green Lantern' Concept Art! [Comics 2 Film]

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