Nicolas Cage is The Transporter for Witches

September 22, 2008


Is there any role Nicolas Cage can't play? No. He can and should play every role. A skeleton motorcyclist? Nailed it. John Travolta wearing the face of Nicolas Cage? Swish. A National Treasure? Yes, he definitely is. And now he's also a 14th century knight escorting a purported witch. From Variety:

Nicolas Cage will reteam with director Dominic Sena for the supernatural thriller “Season of the Witch” for Relativity Media.

Story chronicles the journey of 14th century knights transporting a girl suspected of being the witch responsible for spreading the Black Plague.

I hope he plays it really stilted and raspy-voiced, and there's a scene where the witch girl is holding him and she whispers, "Why won't you let me get close to you?" And his raspy voice responds, "Because you might have the Black Plague. Plus, there's the witch thing," and then he has to defy the king's will to save her. I expect nothing less from the team that brought us Gone in Sixty Seconds.

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