Overpriced Painted Vinyl: The Movie

September 10, 2008


You know those little vinyl figures that look like rabbits or whatever but with different things painted on them? Those are movies now:

Paramount Pictures has made a deal with Wildbrain to turn its Kidrobot branded collectible character creations into a series of feature films that will be a mix of animation and live action.

[Scott] Aversano saw a complete collection of the characters and got the film idea while he was running Nickelodeon, and will spearhead the project as producer. The creatures come with no linear storyline, so the plan is to draft a writer for pen a story about ordinary kids who are transported into the edgy world populated by the Kidrobot creatures.

To accurately recreate the experience of the figurines, the films will come randomly packaged, cost an absurd amount, a come with a bonus disc of pre-recorded derision from your friends for paying so much for a G.D. piece of rabbit-shaped plastic.

Paramount commits to Kidrobot films [Variety]

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