People Were Loving 'Lakeview Terrace' This Weekend

September 22, 2008


People paid to see these movies over the weekend:

1. Lakeview Terrace - $15.6 million. Maybe we should start making every Lifetime Original Movie concept into a Samuel L. Jackson film.

2. Burn After Reading - $11.3 million--the best take ever for a movie about ocular chlamydia.

3. My Best Friend's Girl - Congratulations, Dane Cook, you got people to pay you for playing an even worse version of yourself again. ($8.3 million)

4. Igor - Sorry, Igor 2: HumpBack 2 the Castle, you just got cancelled. ($8 million)

5. Righteous Kill - $7.7 million. That's fine, though. The studios will make all their money in merchandising when Righteous Kill shirts become the Scarface shirts for the old, retired thug crowd.

Weekend Box Office [Box Office Mojo]

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