'Rashomon 2010': The 'Rashomon' of the FUTURE

September 23, 2008


Whenever I learn someone I know hasn't seen Akira Kurosawa's 1950 classic, Rashomon, it usually turns out they've been avoiding it for one of two reasons: either because it's old and foreign, or because the title fails to imply there will be anyone in a giant, futuristic mech suit. Thank god Harbor Light Entertainment and Lotus are about to fix both those issues, remaking the film as Rashomon 2010:

Los Angeles-based Harbor Light Entertainment and Tokyo-based Lotus have assembled an international consortium to remake helmer Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 classic "Rashomon."

Action will be moved from ancient Japan to contempo America, where a court must decide the facts about the rape of a woman and the murder of her husband.

Harbor Light and Lotus will be joined by L.A.’s Lexicon Filmed Entertainment and Singapore’s Upside Down Entertainment on the English-language project, "Rashomon 2010."

Yeah, what was Kurosawa thinking setting Rashomon in ancient Japan? It was already dated when he was making it! Every movie should be set in America, in modern times, with the date clearly identified in the title so that you know it's not set in ancient times. Rashomon is bullshit, but it's already clear Rashomon 2010's legacy will live on forever, until January 2011.

'Rashomon' remake finds a Harbor [Variety]

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