Russell Crow May or May Not Be Playing Multiple Roles in 'Nottingham'

September 30, 2008


Does anyone have any idea what's going on with Russell Crowe and Nottingham? MTV is saying Crowe, in a patently Eddie Murphy move, is playing both the role of the Sheriff and Robin Hood in the Ridley Scott film; CHUD agrees with that, but adds they totally broke the story, and that the two characters might be the same person (CRAZY); but then Murph's Place, which is apparently a popular, semi-official Russell Crowe site run by someone named Murph, says Crowe has told Murph, "I won't be playing two roles in Nottingham. If I ever were to do that I'd pick roles that were more diverse, say Tuck and Marion." Who to believe!? And if Crowe is playing both roles, which one will be the fat suit one and which one will be the one with the funny facial hair and goofy accent?

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