The Shia LaBeouf Movie Made More Money Than Other, Non-Shia LaBeouf Movies

September 29, 2008


The amount of money (in dollars) earned by various films last weekend is as follows:

1. Eagle Eye - Someone asked me what this was about the other day and I told them I think it's Shia LeBeouf reenacting the first half-hour of the The Matrix as a full movie. Now that people have seen it, is that accurate? ($29.2 million)

2. Nights in Rodanthe - $13.6 million. Who knew there was such a market for menoporn? (Answer: lonely mothers.)

3. Lakeview Terrace - $7 million, thought I'm positive it would be making even more if they'd just gone with my title, Samuel L. Jackson's RACIST COP.

4. Fireproof - $6.5 million! The Fireproof Action Squads worked! How does that make you feel?

5. Burn After Reading - Despite a 44% drop to $6.2 million, it's still maintaining a hefty audience lead over actually reading.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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