'The Wrestler' Theme Song, and Just in Time for Karaoke Night

September 8, 2008


Someone who loves Bruce Springsteen soundtrack songs went to a screening of The Wrestler and used technology to record a low-quality copy of the Boss's title track. JoBlo has it here.

It's pretty hard to make out the vocals, so I've transcribed the lyrics for you:

In the eyes of The Wrestler
The unsuspecting other wrestler
Had better know the truth of wrong from right

'Cause the eyes of The Wrestler are upon you
Any wrong you do, he's gonna see

When you're in Texas, look behind you

'Cause that's where The Wrestler's gonna be*

*I couldn't actually hear the words, but it only stands to reason they would be the same as the Walker, Texas Ranger theme song, but with the word "ranger" replaced with "wrestler." Right?

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